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        Hitachi Metals America


        Hitachi Metals brings outstanding performance, reliability, and service to the worldwide market for flow control. A robust product portfolio consisting of SAM and Aera brand analog, digital, and pressure insensitive MFCs provide leading edge Mass Flow Control functionality. The offering is further complimented by the Aera brand vapor delivery and exhaust pressure control products.

        About MFC & Flow Products

        Mass Flow Controllers - Pressure-insensitive PI-980

        Aera© and SAM brands boast an outstanding reputation for MFC reliability and performance, with hundreds of thousands of units shipped. Reliable flow control for industrial and legacy applications is available with analog MFC product offerings. Leading edge flow control featuring extremely fast response times, very high accuracy, pressure insensitivity are available in the SAM and Aera digital MFC product offerings.

        Highly stable and very accurate vapor delivery is provided with the Aera AS and GS family of vapor delivery products. Long regarded as a standard for reliability and performance, this product line provides stable vapor delivery with no need for carrier gas, and with lower maintenance requirements than many other vapor delivery applications can provide. Combining the very high temperature capabilities of the SAM High Temp MFC product line with the Aera vapor delivery systems, a new range of materials can now be delivered as vapor using vapor delivery products from Hitachi Metals.

        Fast and reliable exhaust pressure control is available for atmospheric pressure diffusion furnaces with the EPV100 series exhaust pressure controller.

        Explore the new Hitachi Metals flow control business. We look forward to discussing your applications with you, and putting our technology to work for you.

        Aera© Product Catalogs

        SAM© Product Catalogs

        Corporate Offices

        Materials Magic
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