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        Hitachi Metals America

        We are the North American arm of the Tokyo-based Hitachi Metals Group. Although the US represents our main market concentration, we are shipping products worldwide based on the requests of our customers. Our main business lines are castings, steel-related products, magnetic products and electronic materials We have learned to combine proven American business practices and strategies with those of the Japanese business community. This enables us to:

        Offer exceptional products with outstanding service.
        Seek market niches where our technological resources, uncompromising quality control and superior manufacturing techniques can make a difference.
        Squeeze the costs out of a product.
        Recognize that by growing the customer's business, we grow our own.
        Make decisions for the long term.
        Shift our strategic focus. In five years, we reversed our ratio of domestically manufactured goods to imported goods, to 70% - 30%.
        Use technology to provide solutions to customers needs and problems.
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