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        Hitachi Metals America

        Our Vision

        We are committed to contribute to society by developing and providing environmentally friendly leading-edge materials, technologies, products and services.

        Our Mission

        We will continuously take up the challenge afforded by new technologies and, by affirming our manufacturing tradition, we will create endless possibilities and great value.

        Our Corporate Values

        We seek to preserve and enhance:

        ...our customers' trust in us by fulfilling our responsibilities.

        ...the unleashing of our imaginations and energies, coupled with tenacious execution.

        Our Business Philosophy

        New growth driven by sustainable development.

        Hitachi Metals America, Ltd. is an integral supplier of highly functional component materials that draw on its competitive core technologies. With products that are recognized as leading global brands, it operates in the automobile-, electronics- and industrial infrastructure & energy-related markets, guided by the overarching theme of "global environmental protection."

        Applying the key concepts of "eco-friendliness," "safety" and "comfort". Hitachi Metals supplies a wide range of automotive-related products. In the electronics-related market, the Company offers a host of items that are "energy-saving," "compact and lightweight," and "highly integrated,". In infrastructure & energy-related fields, which encompass equipment for building, housing, and manufacturing and power utilities, "energy savings," "safety" and "comfort" are key principles underlying a product lineup.

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